What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised Visitation (SV) refers to visitation between a non-custodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a third party. The third party may be referred to as a “Monitor, Observer, or Visit Supervisor”.

In some cases the courts feel it is appropriate to order  “On or Off-Site”  supervised visitation to take place in the presence of a third party. It allows children to visit the non-custodial parent or “visiting” parent in a safe, positive, stress-free atmosphere. It protects children from being placed in the middle of parent’s conflicts or other problems.

The children’s needs are paramount in making any decisions regarding the need for such supervision. There are also benefits to parents. It will provide consistency with a set schedule of dates and times. The scheduling and visits can be made by the neutral party (Monitor) and there does not have to be contact before, during or after the visits. Everyone benefits from the comfortable environment.

Monitors should carefully observe the visit and record observations in a report for the court.

The responsibility of the monitor is to remain, neutral neither siding with the custodial parent or visiting parent. They should be prepared to testify in a court of law.There are two types of supervised visits; On Site or Off Site.

Why not use a friend or relative rather than a professional service?

At times courts will allow “non-professional” relatives or friends to provide the monitoring. Many times this does not work.

Well-meaning friends or family will agree to provide the service however soon tire of the regular commitment of time and effort. It is difficult for family or friends NOT to be placed in the middle and NOT to choose sides. It places a huge burden on the relationship and then creates unnecessary strife and stress.

Once neutrality is lost, then the credibility of the friend or family member is damaged.

Non-Professionals can unknowingly place the children at risk by trying to remain “Friendly” and unwilling to report inappropriate behavior. They may NOT know what to observe. Putting children at risk.

Benefits of hiring a professional company

Georgia Preferred Family Resource supervised visitation program
provides highly trained monitors that have completed courses in  proper observation techniques and written reports.

We provide professional observations,

legally written reports and will testify in court if necessary.

  • Georgia Preferred Family Resource hold a membership in good standing with Supervised  Visitation Network.
    We abide by all rules and regulations.​
  • ​Monitors are skilled at the methodology of observation/reporting.
  • Monitors must complete 60 hours of yearly training per GAPFR requirements.
  • Monitors remain neutral at all times. Rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety and well being of all participates.
  • Monitors are educated towards maintaining a positive, safe, secure atmosphere with focus on the overall care of  children.
  • Monitors participate in a rigorous curriculum and must pass the “Evaluated Supervised Visitation Assessment”  prior to assisting clients.
  • Monitors are instructed in such topics as: Domestic Violence, Sex Abuse, Physical Abuse, Neglect and Emotional  Abuse, Anger, Alcohol, and Stress management, Parental Alienation,  Many more topics.

On Site Supervised Visitation



On Site Supervised Visitation Woodstock

GAPFR provides supervised visitation at our secure location in Woodstock, Georgia. Cherokee County.Facebook-20141207-103522

The easy to find location offers age appropriate toys and equipment for all children;  infants – high school.
Well equipped, extremely clean, fun playrooms are designed for successful visits with the visiting parent.  The location also has an outdoor playground perfect for picnicking and enjoying outside sports.images (3);ioopoo

Safety and security procedures are in place for visitations. Strategic parking lots are utilized to accommodate temporary protection orders or family safety plans.  Security guards are also available.  Advanced In-take Interview is required. 



Off Site Supervised Visitation

GAPFR assists off-site supervised visitation by traveling to different locations. Monitors will arrive at approved location and provide monitoring, observations and written reports.
Pre-approved Child-Friendly locations can consist of theaters, bounce-houses, chuck-e-cheese type places, roller skating rinks and sports areas. Appropriate places also include visiting parent’s home, local parks or libraries. Places need to be approved in advanced by administration. In-take Interviews are required prior to supervised visitations.

Payment is due 7 days in advance of scheduled date.

How do I register for the Supervised Visitation Program?

Call and schedule an appointment to meet with an administrator. Complete the Supervised Visitation Forms. Bring the seven requested items to the Intake session. 



Georgia Preferred Family Values 

Children Come First

Integrity Matters

Neutrality is Paramount

Service Above Self

Honesty is a Given

Humility is a Gift