Free Workshops and Seminars for Local Civic Organizations

Seminar Topics Include:

Polishing Your Professional Image 

Humorous Walk Through the Myers Briggs Temperance Test

What is Parental Alienation (PA & PAS)

Building Healthy Happy Families

Divorce Care from the Eyes of a Child

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Ms. Celeste Arnotti Executive Director

Ms. Arnotti is a high energy, inspirational speaker. She has presented 100’s of seminars in 100’s of locations receiving countless positive results and positive comments from event coordinators and participants. Her talents range from offering the uplifting seminar entitled “The Humorous Walk Through the Myers Briggs Temperance Test”, to the extremely serious “Parental Alienation; The Characteristics, Cost and Cure”.

She can make one attendee in an ocean of thousands feel like she is speaking just to them. With charm and charisma Ms. Arnotti was most successful as the “Seminarist at Sea” on the Carnival Cruise ship. The audience of professional educators gave more than their standing ovation but asked her to return as the following years Keynote speaker for their convention in Atlanta Georgia.

While teaching abroad at the International School of Durango Mexico Ms. Arnotti was honored with the Award of Excellence from the University of Education in Durango Mexico, for her Keynote Speech “Scholarly Lessons from Lev Vygosky’s Zone of Proximal Development”.