Procedure to Register for Supervised Visitation 


  • Call and Schedule the Intake Interview 770-837-4808
  • Review Intake Form: Please fill out every line and check all boxes that apply.
  • Print all pages and bring them to the Intake Interview.
  • Forms can be sent electronically to and
  • Each Participant bring $75.00 for Intake Interview (cash, money order, PayPal)

Supervised Visitation Intake Form

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Bring “7” items to the

Intake Interview

Participants required to complete
intake interview:

Visiting Parent, Custodial Parent,
other persons stated in the court order. Each person interviews separately.

  1. Completed copy of the Intake Form. Maintain a copy for yourself.
  1. Copy of TPO or restraining orders. Copy of Danger Assessment if applicable.
  1. Copy of Court Order or paperwork for Supervised Visitation. Any part of the order that specifies action plan or supervised visitation plan.
  1. Copies of arrests or convictions for the last 12 months.
  1. Copy of drivers license, current car insurance card, car tag number and registration
  2. $75.00 Fee for the Intake Interview. Cash or Money Order. All participants are required to complete intake separately.
  1. Fee for the first visitation. Minimum of four hours for any supervised visitation. Advanced payment for supervised visitation is required. Invoices are made through PayPal.

Failure to provide all items will lead to delay in scheduling visitation.

Supervised Visitation Intake Form